Where to Start With Cleaning: Tips and Tricks

You have a nice home, but when it’s time to clean it, you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, there are hacks that can help you organize your cleaning process

If you want to make your life easier, you can hire professionals in Montrose, TX, to ensure you receive a comprehensive home cleaning service. However, if you prefer to do it yourself, read on to find out in what order you should tackle your cleaning. 

Where do I start with cleaning? 

Jumping from one place to another while cleaning won’t get you far. If you want to be efficient, you need a game plan:

Which room should I clean first

Level the playing field 

Before you get into any detailed cleaning, remove junk or clutter that’s in your way. After you’ve got rid of everything not absolutely necessary, it’s smooth sailing and clear, sunny skies. 

Always start at the top 

Instead of cleaning sporadically, try working top to bottom. While you are cleaning, the dust and dirt fall down, so if you start from the floor, you’ll have to clean it twice. 

Vacuum before you mop 

Yoru vacuum cleaner will take care of all the large pieces of dirt before you use the mop to make everything shine. Make sure to use a good disinfectant when you mop your floors. 

Find your routine and stick to it 

Every home is different. Define your priorities and work systematically. Doing the same thing every time you clean is the fastest way to clean a messy house

Which room should I clean first?

The question that keeps popping up is where to start a cleaning routine. If you want to make your cleaning efficient, you should pick your battles wisely. 

Montrose, TX home cleaning service

Attack the most difficult adversary first 

Most of us are tempted to leave the worst for the end, but the sooner you deal with it, the better. Usually, the most challenging room to clean is the bathroom. Washing, scrubbing, and polishing the toilet, tub, sink, and shower will eat up a lot of your time. 

Once you’ve got this out of the way, the rest of your cleaning chores won’t seem so intimidating. 

Tackle the kitchen next 

The next obstacle on your way is the kitchen. Countertops and cabinets are a magnet for dirt. Wiping and scrubbing each surface, together with washing the dishes, makes this room the second hardest to clean. 

Move on to no-man’s land 

As you make your way to the easier rooms, you are bound to pass through the entryway or hallway. Take care of it as you go and don’t forget to clean the stairs, railings, and posts. 

Finish with the living room and bedroom

Now you get down to some serious dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Make sure you also vacuum your furniture, as well as make the beds and strip and clean the linens. 

Having a strategy and following a pattern while cleaning will keep you on schedule, save your time, and even make your chores enjoyable. 

Where in Montrose, TX, can I hire a reliable home cleaning service?

There is a way to have your home shining in no time and not worry about where to start with the cleaning. Hiring a professional home cleaning service will allow you to experience true expert cleanliness. The trained and reliable team from Not Your Own Cleaning will meet all your needs and even exceed your expectations. Leave everything to our trustworthy professionals while you take some time off to check out Menil Collection or have lunch with your friends and family. Reach out to us and book today!

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