Your Guide to Ultimate Residential Cleaning Checklist

Every household is different and demands a unique approach when it comes to clean-up time, right? While this might bear some truth, if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home in a consistent and efficient way, it’s better to stick to some standardized procedures. 

As a rule of thumb, following a general checklist can mitigate a majority of hygiene issues around your home. Professional cleaning companies in River Oaks know how to customize the general procedures to include additional tasks. Read on to learn why and how you can benefit from a standard maintenance checklist.

Why do you need a cleaning checklist?

Why do you need a cleaning checklist?

There are things you should always expect from a professional service. This includes performing all tasks you have agreed upon and keeping your property safe. When you know how to be well prepared for your next cleaning session, there should be no surprises or misunderstandings. 

Being fully prepared means that you know what a comprehensive upkeep checklist for your residence should look like, even when you’re not carrying out the chore yourself. With a checklist, you’ll be more likely to spruce up your property like a professional and maintain it in excellent condition for a longer time. 

What should a cleaning checklist include?

Whether you’re going DIY or hiring someone to restore your home to pristine condition, your checklist will help you prioritize certain tasks over others. You should put most emphasis on wet areas and parts of your house that undergo heavy foot traffic. 

Here’s what a general checklist should look like, in order to guarantee lasting results: 

What should a cleaning checklist include?
  1. Ceiling fans and vents: Dust and clean blades. Vacuum or sweep cobwebs from around the fan.
  2. Window panes and sills: Clean with a homemade solution or commercial product and a soft cloth. Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt from window sills.
  3. Dust blinds. This is important because of the hidden dust and grime. 
  4. Baseboards: Sweep or vacuum, then dust using a feather duster. If you have any areas that are difficult to reach, use a crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner.
  5. Doors and doorframes. Wipe down and dust, to remove hidden layers of dust.
  6. Light fixtures: Remove any cobwebs, dust, and dirt with a duster or damp cloth.
  7. Carpets and rugs: Vacuum thoroughly, and if necessary use a carpet shampoo or homemade solution for stains (you can save this task for a deep clean).
  8. Bathroom. Clean and disinfect the sink, toilet, and shower. Polish all chrome fixtures. Scrub the bathtub and tile walls. Vacuum or sweep the floor.
  9. Kitchen: Clean countertops and appliances with a nontoxic commercial product or homemade solution. Sweep or vacuum the floor. 
  10. Closets: Vacuum contents, wipe down shelves and rods, and dust the ceiling.
  11. Under beds: Vacuum thoroughly. If necessary, use a crevice tool to clean tight spaces.
  12. Mattresses: Flip and rotate, vacuum, and spot clean any areas that need it.
  13. Furniture: Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Polish if necessary.
  14. Floors: Sweep or vacuum hardwood and tile floors, then wipe with a damp mop. Treat tiles with specialized products.

Don’t forget to adjust your checklist to your needs and specific characteristics of your household. This way, you’ll make sure that each new session feels effortless and smooth. 

How fast can I hire one of the leading cleaning companies in River Oaks, TX? 

How fast can I hire one of the leading cleaning companies in River Oaks, TX? 

It’s incredibly easy to find a local service provider, but you don’t want to waste time on unverified businesses. Not Your Own Cleaning has everything that you need when it comes to residential upkeep. We boast a team of seasoned professionals that have experience with a variety of home maintenance tasks. Our experts are thoroughly screened, interviewed, and qualified to assist you without putting your personal safety at risk.

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