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Top-quality home cleaning at the touch of a button. Serving River Oaks, Montrose, Midtown, and surrounding Houston areas. No obligation… but beware, we are hard to resist!

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    Outsource your chores to experts and enjoy more leisure time

    Not Your Own Cleaning Service ranks among the leading cleaning companies in The Heights and the neighboring communities. This is thanks to the range of services we offer: ongoing and one-time maid service, deep cleaning and detailed move in/out service. Your preferred package can be customized to your specific needs and requirements. Our specialists have the expertise to make your residence hygienic and refreshed. To this goal, we use a combination of eco-friendly supplies and cutting-edge equipment.

    Trained & motivated specialists

    Our team consists of trained and seasoned experts who render high-quality house cleaning services. We use a thorough background-checking and interviewing procedure before enrolling new members of our team. It’s in our strongest interest to pick only the most ethical and hard-working individuals in The Heights and the area. By doing this, we can make sure that we keep your trust. However, if our maid service somehow doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll send someone back to fix the issue, free of additional charge. Your satisfaction always remains our #1 priority.

    Your preferred house & apartment cleaning service in The Heights

    Easy scheduling

    Our convenient booking platform is designed to allow streamlined scheduling within a minute.

    Reputable & trained

    All of our team members are carefully selected. Our team consists of trustworthy, skilled and reputable professionals.

    Happiness guaranteed

    Our goal is to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of our services. So, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

    Competitive prices

    We offer fully transparent rates, so you know what you’re getting for your money, without surprises or hidden costs.

    Our service brings the following perks to your residence

    Local residents reap the following benefits of our cleaning services:

    • A tidy and hygienic environment for your family to thrive in
    • Regular hygiene will minimize pathogens in your home
    • Detailed maintenance helps to prevent allergies and respiratory issues
    • Professionals that can successfully remove mold and mildew
    • Your household will be presentable and ready for guests

    We render comprehensive house cleaning & maid services in The Heights and the area. We have the expertise to make your home clean and hygienic. Call us and book your session today!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you book an ongoing apartment or house cleaning service, our professionals will tackle the following tasks throughout your premises in The Heights: 
    • Dusting all light fixtures
    • Cobweb removal
    • Dusting ceiling fans
    • Dusting all decor and pictures
    • Mopping floors and stairs
    • Vacuuming floors and stairs
    • Dusting baseboards
    • Dusting window sills
    • Wall trims dusted
    • Dusting lamps
    • Dusting lamps
    • Making beds
    • Vacuuming upholstery 
    As for the kitchen, your service will also include: 
    • Wiping cabinet exteriors, countertops and appliances
    • Tackling interiors of your microwave oven
    • Tackling sinks
    • Polishing stainless steel surfaces 
    Cleaners will also take care of your bathroom: 
    • Shower/tub scrubbed
    • Toilets scrubbed & sanitized
    • Countertops wiped
    • Fixtures polished and sanitized
    If you would like to extend or customize the list of tasks, call our local house cleaning service to see whether that would be possible.

    Firstly, to make sure that your property is safe, you should choose among cleaning companies in The Heights that have reputable and trustworthy staff. Secondly, you should choose a provider that has consistently high customer ratings and positive reviews. Usually, this is tied with customizable packages, transparent rates and cutting-edge supplies and equipment.

    Also, you should stick with providers that offer some kind of quality assurance and satisfaction guarantee. You can find all of this and many more with us.

    There is no rule set in stone to determine how much you should tip your maid service in The Heights. However, if you’re happy with the given assistance, you can add an extra dollar at the end of the session. If you are having recurring weekly appointments, it’s probably best to tip at the end of the month. Of course, this is all up to you.

    Normally, you shouldn’t purchase any products or equipment, but it’s a good question to ask your local provider. Typically, an established company like Not Your Own Cleaning Service will bring their own supplies to your premises in The Heights. Of course, we’re more than willing to adjust to your requirements. If you want us to use a special product that you bought earlier, just let us know.

    The best way to start cleaning your home is by decluttering first. Declutter every room before dealing with dirt, dust and debris. This will help you complete the clean-up more easily and effectively. That’s why most professionals who perform home cleaning in The Heights and the region will be more than happy if you manage to declutter your home before they arrive.
    Of course! Our experts love animals and if your pets are calm and friendly they wouldn’t mind sanitizing your home while your furry friends are present. You can leave them during the clean-up or keep them confined to a separate room until the job is completed. We’re completely fine with both options.
    Yes, cleaning your place of residence once a week should be enough to ensure a hygienic and tidy environment for you and your family. If you hire our company you’ll be able to choose between weekly, bi-weekly and monthly appointments.
    We render upscale residential cleaning services in Houston and the neighboring communities. Whether you’re living near the Heights Neighborhood Library or Houston Heights Fire Station, you can easily book a session with our experts and they’ll spruce up your home. You can rely on our team, composed of skilled, reliable, and hard-working individuals who carry out their duties according to the highest standards. When they arrive at your premises, they will make a thorough walk-through inspection of your property. By doing this we’ll determine the best plan to clean your home in precise detail. Apart from The Heights, our services are available in other nearby communities. You can count on our: Call us today to book the most suitable time for your appointment!

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