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Top-quality home cleaning at the touch of a button. Serving River Oaks, Montrose, Midtown, and surrounding Houston areas. No obligation… but beware, we are hard to resist!

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    Reliable maid service that prioritizes your satisfaction

    Here at Not Your Own Cleaning, we handle regular, deep, and move in/move out cleaning services in River Oaks. We tailor your checklist to suit your needs and perform every task carefully and precisely. With our team, you can count on a seamless customer experience, flexible services, and punctuality. Find more time for the things that really matter while we deal with your housework using professional techniques, high-grade agents, and our extensive knowledge.

    Leading specialists in house & apartment cleaning

    Our crew is skilled at different types of home cleaning, which enables our clients in River Oaks and the vicinity to relax and focus on other things. Our specialists are trained, reliable, and hardworking, as well as meticulously selected for their skills and dedication. They’re selected for our team because they fit in with our principles of transparency, integrity, and hard work.

    What makes us different from other cleaning companies in River Oaks

    Easy to book

    Schedule your house or apartment cleaning in River Oaks via our online form or by calling us.

    Vetted & seasoned

    Our specialists are trained to use the most efficient methodology and finest equipment.

    Committed to quality

    Our team will perform your service again free of charge if you aren’t fully satisfied with our work the first time.

    Fairly priced services

    We’re honest about our fees from the start. Get in touch with us and request a free quote to learn more.

    Enjoy the benefits of a thorough maid service

    Professional house cleaning services can bring you a variety of practical perks, such as:

    • The reduction of allergens and bacteria in your space
    • Better health for you and your family members
    • A more pleasant and comfortable home
    • Nicer scent all throughout the house
    • Extra spare time to rest and do other things

    Let us simplify your home maintenance with our punctual, diligent, and effective house and apartment cleaning services in River Oaks or the surrounding cities.

    What our clients think about our services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best cleaning companies in River Oaks and the vicinity offer a wide range of services, which includes:

    • Ongoing maid service, which covers essential housework and is performed following a regular schedule.
    • Deep cleaning, which is more extensive and is done several times a year, such as in the spring and fall.
    • Move in/move out services, which are carried out when you want to prepare your old and your new home for a relocation.

    With us by your side, you can choose between these comprehensive packages to have a spotless home at all times. Contact us to schedule a walk-through or consult with our experts.

    Excellent specialists in house cleaning in River Oaks, TX usually meet certain criteria:

    • They’re meticulously vetted and trained.
    • They have plenty of relevant experience.
    • They’re flexible and willing to customize your service.
    • They offer a variety of packages.
    • They use reliable products and tools.
    • They offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    Since our team fits this description, you could try contacting us, sharing your needs, and scheduling our practical services. We’ll first  give you a free price estimate and help you determine the best schedule based on your requirements.

    House and apartment cleaning services are handy and helpful, allowing you to plan your time more freely without worrying about tedious housework. This means there’s little you should do to prepare for the arrival of your crew. However, if you handle these few details, you can maximize the results of your cleaners’ work:

    • Think about how they’ll enter the house: Decide who will let them in and whether you’d like someone to be at home while they’re working.
    • Declutter: Pick up anything that could get in the way, like scattered toys and other items that are lying around.
    • Move heavy furniture: Since most cleaning companies don’t do heavy lifting, move around bulkier pieces if you’d like them to get to the areas underneath or behind them.
    The following factors should determine how frequently you should schedule a maid service in River Oaks and the area:
    • The service you choose: Standard cleans are done weekly or bi-weekly while deep cleans are performed a few times a year.
    • Whether you have small children or pets: If you have a big family and a busy home, you’ll need our services more frequently.
    Consult with our friendly team to work out a schedule that matches your needs.
    In order to keep your apartment sanitized throughout the whole year, you should perform a thorough and detailed clean-up at least once every three months or so. Our crew is available to provide you with extra-detailed apartment cleaning services in River Oaks and the surrounding communities.
    When cleaning your bathroom, start by decluttering it so you have more space for the clean-up. Dust off and wipe all the appliances and deal with the floor at the end. This is a great way to sanitize your bathroom because the dust and debris will fall on the floor as you wipe other surfaces. Opt for our house cleaning and our experienced team will thoroughly and professionally clean your bathroom.

    Not Your Own Cleaning is ready to help if you’re looking for efficient house cleaning in Houston. Our clients can put their trust in us across the nearby region because we offer:

    You can have excellent hygiene, a presentable and freshly scented home, and more time on your hands all thanks to our hard-working team. Schedule your appointment today!

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