How to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Sometimes, we all find it difficult to motivate ourselves to vacuum, sweep, mop, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and everything else. The very thought of cleaning feels overwhelming. 

Whether you’re too busy at work, or you have other priorities, there are periods when you lose the will to deal with the mess. You can take the easy way out and hire a maid service in the Museum District, or you can try to get over it and get back to your cleaning routine.¬†¬†

How do I motivate myself to clean?

Like it or not, cleaning your home regularly is a must. Read on for the best tips to find your motivation! 

How do I motivate myself to clean

Visualize a clean home 

Imagine yourself relaxing in a clean, living room without clutter or dust in sight. Don’t envision the work itself, but the final result of your cleaning.¬†

Take one step at a time 

That first step might be the most difficult, but you have to start somewhere. It could be one surface. Not the whole floor, a room, or a closet. Focus on that one surface and don’t feel guilty for not doing more.¬†

Make a strategy

Instead of leaving all the work for the weekend, spread out your chores throughout the week. With small daily tasks out of the way, you will be able to tackle the bigger things once a month.

Don’t get distracted¬†

Always finish the task at hand. Don’t let other things sidetrack you. If you start cleaning the bathroom, keep your focus and don’t stray to other rooms. Leaving unfinished tasks is a defeat.¬†

Find a companion

Try to find someone who can relate to your situation. A person who is also struggling to find their cleaning motivation. You can report to each other and give each other support and encouragement. This gives true validation to your efforts. 

Get help

You don’t have to go it alone. Housework is easier with all hands on deck. Make a list of chores for your kids, partner, or roomate. Having some company might even make the whole process fun.¬†

Time yourself

Make an arrangement with yourself to work for a certain time frame, say 10 or 15 minutes each day. Set a timer, and after it goes off, see how much you’ve managed to do.¬†

Try something new

A fun new cleaning product, or a fancy new vacuum cleaner could give your cleaning motivation a boost. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a little present.¬†

Get in the groove 

Your favorite playlist can make anything more enjoyable. Mopping or vacuuming get so much easier with good housework music blasting from your earphones. 

Throw a party 

There is no better motivator for cleaning than having someone over and letting them see your home. You’ll do anything to keep those skeletons in the closet! Just don’t forget to tidy up afterwards.¬†

Treat yourself 

After you’re finally back on track, you should give yourself some recognition! You deserve a little indulgence. Whatever small thing makes you happy will do fine.¬†

maid service in the Museum District

Where can I find a quality maid service in the Museum District? 

You can test your willpower and motivation in different ways, but cleaning your home doesn’t need to be one of them. Another option is to outsource your housework. Qualified and dedicated maids from Not Your Own Cleaning are your safest way to a pristine home.¬†Feel free to spend a day learning about dinosaurs and butterflies at Houston Museum of Natural Science and rest assured that your home is in safe hands. Book our services today using our user-friendly, online contact form.

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