Getting Ready for Your First House Cleaning: A Swift Guide

Daily chores might seem like a nice way to work out and make sure that your residence is spotless. However, for most people, it’s far away from anything pleasurable, as there are much more meaningful ways to spend your free time. 

This is why so many home dwellers decide to hire a professional cleaning service. When you live in River Oaks, you have many feasible options. However, do you know how to make the most of it? When you’ve decided to invest your money in the expert upkeep of your property, you want to have the best results. The key is being prepared, so keep reading!

How to prepare for my first house cleaning?

How to prepare for my first house cleaning? 

When you book professional assistance of any scope, you don’t need to solve any complex issues. To allow your professionals to thoroughly clean your home, follow these 6 steps: 

Clear the counters

The best way to start is to take care of the mess in your kitchen and bathroom. Check the counters, tables, and other surfaces for any trinkets. We all have a tendency to leave a bunch of small items on countertops. This isn’t necessarily an issue until it builds up. 

When you’re awaiting your maid to arrive, it’s best to keep these surfaces free. Put your jewelry, tools, earbuds, kitchen utensils, and other items where they belong. This way, you’ll spare yourself and the expert team the inconvenience of losing track of your belongings. 

Remove leftovers 

If you haven’t managed to throw away the waste left after your late-night dinner, now’s the time to do it. Use a medium garbage bag, and collect all plastic, cardboard, or paper wrapping, and anything else left after your meal, and throw it away. Professionals will then take care to scrub, sanitize, and dust these surfaces, without wasting time on leftovers.  

Do the dishes

Professionals need full access to your sink, so for a job well done, make sure to wash your dishes, or put them in the dishwasher. If you can’t manage to clean all pots and pans, you can put them away temporarily in the oven. However, if you need more comprehensive upkeep that involves tackling kitchen appliances, try to wash all the dishes.

Make your beds

Declutter and organize

While some companies may offer to change your bed linens or to make your beds, such tasks usually don’t fall in the standard residential maintenance checklist. For this reason, If you want your bedroom to shine, take care to tidy it up a bit before professionals arrive.

Declutter and organize

While throwing everyday trash is one thing, decluttering means getting rid of unnecessary things that have been there for some time. Clutter can be found anywhere around your home, but to prepare for your professional upkeep, make sure to remove it from your floors, staircases, carpets, and furniture. To better organize your items, use spare boxes, or designate a place where you’ll pile them up.

After a while, you’re likely to create a donation pile. When you get rid of unnecessary pieces of clothing, decor, or accessories, you’re likely to improve the practicality of your home. You’ll have more storage space, more ways to organize your stuff, and you’ll make future maintenance easier and faster. 

Communicate clearly

Before the session starts, have a list of questions you want to ask and make sure that you know what to expect and what will be done. Have a list of points to follow, and listen closely to what your experts have to say. 

You can ask them a number of questions, but be also very clear with your instructions. This way, you can your team of experts will be on the same page, and well prepared for your first session. 

Who offers a dependable cleaning service in River Oaks, TX, and the vicinity?

Who offers a dependable cleaning service in River Oaks, TX, and the vicinity?

With Not Your Own Cleaning in your corner, you can be sure that your home will be free of allergens, dust, and ready for you to relax. Use your free time and spend a day with your family at Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens. Our staff will gladly take care of all the details of your home, using eco-friendly supplies, and tried-and-true methods. 

To put your worries to rest and fully recharge, book our assistance today!

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