The Ultimate Pre-Vacation House Cleaning Guide

You’ve been waiting for this all year! It’s finally time for summer vacation! But, this means you need to thoroughly clean your home since you’ll be absent for a while. Don’t let it spoil your mood. 

The easy way out is definitely to hire experts for house cleaning in the Museum District. On the other hand, if you prefer to personally make sure everything in your home is in its place before you go, read on for our pre-vacation house cleaning tips! 

How do you clean your home before going on vacation?

Coming back to a messy home can really ruin your post-vacation glow. To prevent this, you need an all-round cleanup. This may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow our guide for a stress-free and efficient pre-vacation cleaning

Make a list and get organized                                                                      How do you clean your home before going on vacation

Before you even start any work, make a check-list and get organized. After all, you don’t want to spend too much time housekeeping when you should be packing and planning what to see and do on your vacation! 

Do the laundry

The last thing you want to leave behind is soiled and smelly laundry. Put your washer and dryer to work the night before your departure. Make sure to include all your clothes, bedsheets, and towels, so they can be perfectly fresh when you come back. 

Clean the kitchen

Another weak spot in your home is the kitchen. When you come back full of impressions, you don’t want to see food leftovers, dirty dishes and a smelly fridge waiting for you. Before you go, wash all the dishes, clean the sink, empty the fridge, and take out the trash. 

Tidy up

You shouldn’t neglect the rest of your home. Get rid of all the junk and stow away all the clutter that piles up in your common areas during the workweek. Dust and vacuum all floors and carpets. Don’t forget to clean the bathroom, and leave the bathroom door open to let the air flow and prevent mold growth. 

Take care of your pets

Unfortunately, your best friends can’t follow you everywhere. Yet, leaving them alone in your home is not a good idea. They would feel lonely, and your cleaning might have been in vain. You can give them to a friend, or leave them at a special pet hotel.  

Think positive

If you keep in mind all the sun, sand and fun waiting around the corner, you might actually enjoy your house cleaning more than you think. The thought of coming back to a clean home can motivate you to start tidying even more

Leave time for packing and preparing 

Don’t get too preoccupied with pre-vacation cleaning. You still need to prepare for your trip. If your suitcases are stored away, get them out on time. Make a list of everything you need to bring on your trip and make sure that all items are clean and ready the night before you set off. Pay special attention to passports, paperwork and money. 

Where can I find quality home cleaning in the Museum District?  

If you are short on time, or you want to focus on other things you need to do before you go on your vacation, you should consider hiring cleaning professionals. The experienced and reliable staff at Not Your Own Cleaning will do wonders for your home and leave it pristine before you leave. 

In the meantime, you can spend a day with your family at River Oaks Shopping Center and get everything you need for your vacation.

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